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Interesting Links

360Cities: World Panoramic Photography (Hiroshima-5)

A-bomb Survivors Recollect

Academic Info History of The Bomb
& the Nucl.

ALSOS - Digital Library for Nuclear Issues

Atomic Archive

Atomic Bomb Museum


Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists

Charter of the United Nations

Ethical Spectacle

Federation of American Scientists

Freedom, Democide, War Home Page

Hansen's Swords of Armageddon

Hiroshima Panorama Project

Hiroshima Peace Site

Hiroshima Was It Necessary


International Court : Legality of the Threat or Use of Nuclear Weapons

Int Forum Globalization (IFG)

Japan Peace Museum (for Hiroshima photo panoramas in Photo Gallery)

Japanese War Crimes

NAGASAKI at Exploratorium

NAPF Nuc. Age Peace Foundation

Nuclear Secrecy Blog

Nuclear Testing - Marshall Islands

Nuclear Weapon Archive

Stockholm Int Peace Res Inst (SIPRI)

Szilard Homepage

Taiwanese Nuclear Intentions 66-76

US Peace Inst

Why Japanese Received the A-Bombs


Cover Page ~ Course Syllabus