So long, national currencies; welcome Euro.

Production of the euro banknotes began in July 1999 in a number of euro area countries. 14.5 billion banknotes are being produced (for a total value of 648.5 billion Euros) with 10 billion going into circulation in January 2002 and 4.5 billion being held in reserve to accommodate any changes in demand for the banknotes.

50 billion coins (for a total value of 15.6 billion Euros) are being minted across the euro area. Production began in May 1998.

Denomination: EUR 5
Size: 120 x 62 mm
Colour: Grey
Architectural period: Classical

Denomination: EUR 10
Size: 127 x 67 mm
Colour: Red
Architectural period: Romanesque

Denomination: EUR 20
Size: 133 x 72 mm
Colour: Blue
Architectural period: Gothic

Denomination: EUR 50
Size: 140 x 77 mm
Colour: Orange
Architectural period: Renaissance

Denomination: EUR 100
Size: 147 x 82 mm
Colour: Green
Architectural period: Baroque and rococo

Denomination: EUR 200
Size: 153 x 82 mm
Colour: Yellow-brown
Architectural period: Iron and glass architecture

Denomination: EUR 500
Size: 160 x 82 mm
Colour: Purple
Architectural period: Modern 20th century architecture


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