Carolyn A. Nadeau
Byron S. Tucci Professor of Spanish

Illinois Wesleyan University
Department of Hispanic Studies
Bloomington, IL 61702-2900

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(309) 556-3332 (office)
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Late for
                  the Prado
Chad Sanders, "Late for the Prado" 2008

I have been teaching Spanish courses at Illinois Wesleyan University since 1994 after receiving my Ph.D. from Penn State. In addition to courses in Spanish language, literature, and culture, I have taught Literature in Translation, directed off-campus studies in London, Madrid, and Barcelona, and taught both in the Humanities sequence and in the first-year writing "Gateway" program.  One of my most memorable teaching experiences was the
Don Quijote course in Madrid during the 400th anniversary of the first publication of the novel.  14 students and I lived and breathed  the novel as we learned about sixteenth and seventeenth-century Spain and the amazing effect Cervantes still has on Spanish culture today.

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